Despite being a fierce advocate for and long time lover of my Sienna, its looking like our next car will need to be higher off the ground (the private road we are moving to is generally well maintained but can get very muddy/snowy/icy and my mini van keeps nearly getting stuck, even just in mud- so I'm not sure that its an issue AWD would fix- we just need higher clearance).
We have 3 kids and haven't ruled out a fourth. In my research it looks like the pilot has the most trunk storage before moving into either Luxury territory or suburban size territory, both of which I'm not into.
How the heck do the kids get into the third row?! When we get this car I'll have a an 8/9 year old, a 5/6 year old and a 3/4 year old (so most likely a booster and a high back booster in the 3rd row, and then a convertible in the middle?).
I'm so used to my mini van that the though of leaving it behind is very troubling to me. Can someone with a Pilot tell me that they love it?