My DH has been offered his dream job in the town we’ve always wanted to live in. It’s everything we could ask for...but we are still absolutely in love with the home we bought two and a half years ago. It’s a log cabin that’s just perfect for us. We bought it in foreclosure, and that combined with the higher COL in the new place we’ll be moving pretty much guarantees we will not be on a house as nice as this.

My DH is having a hard time letting go. We will try renting it out, but it’s in such a remote area that I’m not sure we can. Is there something I could do to honor and remember the old house once we move? Maybe have an Etsy artist draw it—any recommendations? Any other ideas?

We really thought this would be our forever home, and we’ve put so much of our time and emotional energy into it. It’s our first home. It’s where we watched our kids grow up. It’s going to be hard to leave it!