We are a work in progress but I've made a lot of changes the last few years!

My Public Issues class jump started me on living more green when I learned about how much of our plastic waste ends up in the oceans and how threatening it is to our oceans ecosystem. We started buying milk in cardboard containers and recycling them, then started buying milk straight from a local farm and using glass jars.
We buy off the dirty dozen list, use reusable grocery bags, recycle all plastic and paper packaging/waste.
We use cloth on our LO and EBF.
We just bought a bike for my husband so he can commute the 2.5 miles to work this summer.
We buy a lot of used or recycled items, shop at thrift stores, eat meat 1-2x a week, and only organic grass-fed meat and animal by-products.

We also use all-natural cleaning products and reuse all the bottles.

How about you?