I've been really wanting to try to get a set bedtime routine going for DD (6 weeks old). We had DS on a basic, loose EASY schedule at around 5 weeks and I remember really liking how it made my day at least a *little* more predictable.

I've been having trouble getting the routine going though. DS' bedtime routine starts at 7 and I give him a bath and change him into PJs and then he rocks/sings songs with DH before going into his crib and going to sleep.

I'd like DD to have a nurse, bath, PJs, songs, bed routine but when do I do it? Before DS goes down? The bathroom is right next to DS' room and I don't want to wake him up giving her a bath right after he goes to bed. Should I have them take a bath together (her in the infant tub and him in the rest of the big tub)? I'm just having trouble figuring it out and having the energy to actually do it.

I'd love to hear how anyone else got this 2 kid bedtime routine going!

ETA: Also, for any SAHMs with 2 or more, what about naps? Did you just set your older one up to be occupied with something else while you put the younger one down? Is she just destined to have to always nap on the go?