For those who had epidurals, what did the spot on your back heal like?

If you had a second epidural with subsequent pregnancies, did they go in the same spot, or somewhere else?

I feel absolutely stupid posting this, DD is almost 19 months old (born Oct 2012) and I am 40+3 today with #2 and finally just clued in what the hole in my back is. I have had this scab that has never healed, I think it's from my epi with DD. It's in that spot, and it's never bothered me (who looks back there?) Obviously it should have healed by now, it hasn't, I can't fix that at this point, but can they go in above or below for another one if needed?

For those who had epi's heal properly, did the spot even scar or just heal over and was forgotten?

I must have some sort of issue with healing, this spot, my IUD removal surgery incision didn't heal over properly either, weird.