2 years ago I was about 7 month pregnant and in a front end collision. I was expecting my car to be totaled low and behold the insurance company deemed it fixable. I was more concerned about getting over to the hospital to get checked out than, deciding where my car should be towed to. The tow driver took it to a body shop affiliated with a Kia Dealership (Its a Kia Soul). So when it was time to do the repairs I just let them handle it. It took over 8 weeks to get my car back and since then I've had problem after problem. I started taking to the affiliated Kia dealership for repairs to the issues the body shop caused most of which were repaired under my warranty. The body shop put part of my car back together with electrical tape!

So for the last couple months I've been having issues with my front driver side turn signal working intermittently which is the same area where I was hit and everything was supposedly replaced. I took it to the Kia dealership and I'm out of warranty, I took it to my mechanic and he checked everything and thinks I need the whole head lamp replaced. My bumper is not aligned properly and all the paint is chipping off the hood of my car (also both done by the body shop). I called my insurance and asked them to have an adjuster call me to see what recourse I had, he went to the original body shop to speak with them. His response was to go back to them to have them resolve the issues, they guaranteed the work, not the ins company.

The more I learn about these people the more I distrust them and realize what a shady operation they are running. I'm supposed to bring my car there tomorrow and they of course are giving me the same BS run around they gave the first time. Don't have my paperwork, didn't know there was in issue, the guy I spoke with never spoke with the guy I'm supposed to meet with tomorrow, etc.

I kinda feel like I need to go in there tomorrow with (pretend) guns ablazing... But I also really need to get my car fixed and cant afford to spend the money at the mechanic when they should stand by their work. Is there a better way?

TL:DR - Shady body shop screwed me over 2 years ago and now I have to go back there tomorrow and I cant deal with their BS. Tactics?

Bonus - We're hoping to trade-in this car in the next couple of months and i know I wont get full value with the issues it currently has