DH and I got into a texting fight today. We've never done that before, this was the first.

When DH gets frustrated, most of the time he either clams up until he has cooled down or is able to inject some humor and we both cool down. But every once in a while, he is so worked up, he swears and yells.

sometimes it like "That is so !@#!@ ridiculous" but sometimes its "@#$# you!"

I really dislike this kind of fighting - the yelling, but the swearing especially. Is this normal at our age? ( I'm 31, DH is 33)

(Disclaimer - DH and I have a great relationship. We are able to talk our problems out after the cooling down part. But I would like for him to stop swearing so much. I mean, he's a father now...time to stop fighting like that right?)