This is the two kids, SAHM version....

My little ones are 4 and 8 months, DH works long hours (often likes to leave early before we are up and about, and back home at 6-7pm). He will prepare our breakfast for us but the rest f the day is such a scramble!

Older LO is at kindergarten 9-3 but LO2 (fully EBF until one month ago when we started solids) is quite clingy and big chunky naps are erratic. Doesn’t love going into the car or pram unless he’s full full so I find myself trying to feed him solids or giving him BF until he calms.

Last time we did major meal planning and giant cook ups, but LO1 was a super chilled baby that took epic naps, so I feel it was more possible?!

Maybe I just need to toughen up and push through but when baby does nap I feel the need to also take some time out when my older LO is back from kindergarten I find things are quiet but then it descends into bath time and dinner for them before the never ending bedtime wind down. Frustratingly, older one won’t sleep without hand holding/million stories so I end up having to basically retire myself before he will sleep (so I don’t really feel like cooking after this).

Is my only solution when the baby sleeps? What if I he only sleeps on the move from picking or dropping his brother from kindergarten?! I feel like he very rarely sleeps in his cot anymore during the day!

Maybe I just need to dedicate a few days to getting the food prepared and ready so we can all have some sanity...I am def not one of these cook on the fly types, I need a plan and I have no time to dream up recipes or ideas at 5pm with two demanding children

Any help or suggestions appreciated! I feel like this is my least fave part of staying home, I have very little interest in cooking, so I want the most efficient way 😂 I pray I’m not the only one haha.