If you are on Facebook, how do you use it? Do you post regularly, and if so, what do you post? Do you share pictures of your kids, or do you opt not to? Do you share pictures from vacations or when you go out to concerts/shows/nice dinners? Do you have a small friends list or a large one? Any thoughts on Facebook and how your usage has changed over time?

I started my Facebook page when I was in college, so I have lots of pictures of me going out with friends and having fun. There's no drunk or unflattering pictures, but there's still a lot of me at the bar or hanging out on campus. Then, I met my husband, so there are pictures of us together, including our engagement and wedding photos. When I had my kids, I included photos from them as babies up until now. I sometimes post vacation pics (not a lot, but my best ones) and pictures from holidays/birthdays.

I'm starting to really think about Facebook and how I use it. I don't know if I want people in my life now, like other mom friends or my husband's family, being able to look through all my pictures all the way back to my bar days in college. When I post things, I mostly do it for the friends and family who live far away and don't get to see us regularly, but now I'm wondering if there's a better more private way to keep them in the loop. Should I be posting pictures of my kids on Facebook? Do the majority of people want to see pictures from our last Disney trip? I have scaled back on the posting to only once or twice a week, but even then I'm having doubts on why I'm posting things and who is it for. Am I bragging about how great my life is? Is that what everyone does on Facebook? I'm curious to hear other's thoughts on this topic.