New to cloth diapering for my 11 month old (I know, late to the game!) and I have a lot of questions that I can't seem to find answers to...
I got him some Mama Koala pocket inserts (microfiber with that PLU water resistent stuff) and they're been pretty easy so far. I don't know the best/ fastest/ cleanest way to wash them. I've gone to and googled a bunch and checked the Amazon reviews but I'm still wondering...
Do you do a load of diapers every single day? I don't want to do that!
Do you leave them in a wet bag then deal with them after a few days?
Do you always have to pre-wash? Can you do this in a sink?
Can you wash them with other laundry?
Do I have to test my water and worry about hard/soft water? I think our water is very hard!
What's the long-term care of synthetic microfiber diapers?