I'm researching strollers and I thought I had pretty much decided on a city mini gt since I live in a walk up apartment in a city, but yesterday I popped into a store to look in person and the associate I spoke with kept talking about how much I would want to have a stroller that can face front and back.

While I would love to have a stroller that has this option, none of the lightweight strollers I've looked at have this feature. I walk a lot and plan on using the stroller from birth (ideally) without having to use the car seat, but now I'm wondering if not having the baby face me is going to be a problem. The associate thought that Uppababy Cruz would be perfect for me, but I'm worried that it won't be smooth enough for old city streets and that I'm going to struggle with the fold. I might be able to leave the stroller on the first floor of my apartment, but there's still 7 steps from the outside of the building into the lobby that I'll have to deal with on a daily basis no matter what.

How important is it to have a rear facing stroller? Is it only really relevant in the first couple of months, or will I be happy to have this feature for a long time to come?

As always, thanks in advance for all the advice!