LO (16 months) is sick and very congested. I can hear it in his breathing and especially his coughing! It sounds pretty bad when he coughs! We've been *trying* to use saline drops and the snot sucker/bulb syringe with very little success. He HATES it! It seems like the only way a good amount of snot will come out is if he sneezes. But, is it enough to just allow his body to do the work like that, or do we have to go in by force? Will this clear up on its own? We don't have a humidifier and a steamy hot bathroom does not appear to be working as well! I'm fearful that leaving him as is might lead to some sort of infection. The somewhat good thing is that he does not appear too bothered by this congestion and sleeps normally. What is your experience with snot and phlegm?