When we went in for LO's 3 year appointment I asked if there was going to be shots and they said nope ... year 4 is going to be a lot and at the time the nurse said 5!

So we just had LO's 4 years appointment and I was preparing for 5 shots and even the nurse that helped us before the doctor came in said oh he is going to get a lot of shots and I think she said 4! So I thought on one less than we thought.

Then the doctor came in and we had the normal visit and then he mentioned shots and I asked how many and he said oh you are lucky with recent new technology we were able to reduce it down to 2 shots.

LO handled 2 shots like a champ and I was able to clam him down with just a small pack of fun size m&ms. Score!

I'm wondering how recent or different this shots schedule is with everyone else.

How many shots did your 4 year old get at their appointment?