How much (financially) do you give to support your parents (or your in-laws)?

My parents are young still (mid 50s) and still have a lot of "life" left but with a failed business, declaring bankruptcy, poor financial decisions (not saying it's their fault but bad economy and also they are immigrants and don't "know their way around" as much).... They need our help.

We have been giving chunks (few thousands) here and there the last few years and basically we haven't been able to save much because of that. I'm also a SAHM so we are a budgeting frugal one income family. So when we give a few thousand it hurts a lot.

It's important for us to honor and support our parents.. But my dad is not the best financially.. I definitely doubt his decision making and he is over confident in himself and does not seek wise counsel. And he hasn't even been trying to get a side job or anything since the business failed. I feel like they act retired already with no money.

And we are a Korean family so culture is very much do not question your elders... So I can't really SAY this stuff to them or ask what their plans are, etc...

Anyway I feel like my friends in real life are not dealing with this and maybe I'm just looking to see I'm not alone????