So I am shopping for strollers. 1) because our lawnmower burned in our garage and ruined my Chicco Activ3 jogger 2) because baby #2 will be here Feb./March.

My predicament is, my son will turn 4 in early April after the baby is born. Every double stroller I've looked at has a 40 lb per seat weight limit. My son is 3y3m and weighs 42 lbs & is 43.75" tall. So should I be looking at single strollers with a kickboard? Rumble seat? Just a single stroller because he won't use it?

We primarily used the current stroller 4-5 days a week going on walks, we also have a zoo membership that we use frequently. I never used the stroller shopping at the grocery store with my son, but occasionally go to the mall. (Which might change with 2 kids 😂)