DH and I are just financially planning for the year and looking at our 2012 goals. I've created a budget that includes debt payments, living expenses (including housing and utilities), education savings for our baby on the way, insurance, dry cleaning, and transportation costs as well as cell phones, internet and other monthly bills. After all is said and done to reach our 2012 goals we will have to live off of roughly $680/month for food, entertainment and pet expenses. This figure does not take into account savings goals or "extra money" throughout the year recieved in gifts, tax returns etc. We live in Canada so health expenses are covered. This also doesn't include a travel budget because two of our three big trips are paid for this year already, and our third trip is mostly scheduled to be on points. I'm just curious how this lines up with other peoples livable funds monthly. I live in a HCL area, so that may vary a bit. How much "cash" do you budget for a month?