This goes along with my other post about wanting to dump my minivan. How often do you drive other kids in your car? We got our minivan 4 years ago thinking we absolutely needed a 3rd row to drive other kids/family members. Well, adults won't climb back there at all. I can count on one hand (literally) the number of times we've used the third row seat. But one of the responses on my other post got me wondering if we will regret not getting a vehicle with a 3rd row if we go that route. We live in a small town, and all friends/schools/etc. are within a 5-minute drive. It seems like most people just drive their own kids around. Putting carseats into another car just seems like a big pain...but am I missing something? As kids get older, will I be wanting space to drive extra kids in the car? My twins are currently 5 years old. Input appreciated!