T is 10.5 months and not crawling. He's not getting off of his belly during tummy time. We're in the process of starting EI but we're trying to help him on our own while we wait. His ped was able to show us that he can be placed in the crawling position which was exciting. But we don't have much success of doing it ourselves at home. I don't know if it's because we don't know what we're doing or T doesn't take us seriously. Haha
We can get him in it, but only if we forcibly hold him in that position supporting him. He holds himself up on his hands but constantly wants to lay back down. His ped got him to hold the position himself.

Besides forcing him into it and holding him still, which only makes him mad, what are some other ways? He gets even more mad with a mirror or a toy in front of him because now he can't reach for it in the crawling position. We're looking at at least another 2 weeks before we can start physical therapy and as we approach his first birthday I feel like I'm wasting time.