Yesterday, I totally flubbed the meaning of (secular) Christmas and I have no idea how to get it back on track or even attempt to get Christ back in there the right way. Thinking of the convo with LO Secular Christmas seems so phony. Additionally, I am so out of touch with my faith.

It all started when LO noticed I was on my phone.

LO: what are you doing?
Me: reading the news
LO: what’s the news about?
Me: the environment, the president...
LO: presents?
Me: no, president. Can you say President?
LO: presents. Is Santa going to bring me presents?
Me: no, mommy and daddy give you presents at Christmas. It’s not Christmas yet.
LO: Santa too?
Me: no, Santa does not bring presents. Santa represents Christmas and when we take pictures with him it’s men wearing a costume. Your toys come from mommy and daddy.
LO: why?
Me: why what?
LO: why do I get presents?
Me: umm, because you’re a kid and Christmas celebrates baby Jesus’ birthday and baby Jesus was given gifts so we give little kids like you gifts.
LO: why did baby Jesus get presents?
Me: the Three Wise Men gave baby Jesus three gifts because they were very excited he was born.
LO: where’s baby Jesus?
Me: baby Jesus grew up and now sits at the right of his father in the Kingdom. (I stopped short of saying “heaven” because I haven’t really taught that concept)

He accepted my explanation and was fine knowing he would still receive presents. Can I just say how annoyed I am that because of daycare Santa is so ingrained in LO.

How do you all explain Christmas especially those that celebrate it in a very non-religious way?