Hi everyone,

My LO just turned 7mo and is on 3 naps a day (usually anywhere between 30-45mins but usually 30ish min). He doesn’t have set times for naps yet. I go by his cues. Usually the first nap is 90mins after wake up, then every two to two and a half hours after that. I’ve been noticing lately he’s been pushing to the 2.5hr wake time mark. Last nap is usually done by 3:30 and then bedtime at 730.

Today, he woke up at 730am and and fell asleep around 915 and slept until almost 1130. I tried something different today. When he woke up after 30minutes, I tried to nursing him back to sleep to see if he would sleep longer and he did. Do I just need to keep doing this to get longer naps? And should I start pushing him to a 2 nap schedule or let it happen naturally? What times would work best? (9-11? 2-330?). I was surprised he slept so long this morning for his first nap. Also I’m not ready to ST for naps yet bc I don’t mind nursing to sleep for naps right now. My only issue with it is he’s becoming mobile and won’t sleep when I transfer him to his crib for naps so I side lie nurse on my bed. I’m going to have to figure something out that’s more safe.

Sorry for the long post. TIA!