How are you holding up?

My son tested positive on Sunday when he was doing his at home screening test for the return to school. One by one the rest of us have gotten it this week. Fortunately we're all vaccinated so it's just been cold/flu-like (knock on wood).

The school situation has been hard to figure out. Since my son was + he was immediately enrolled in a one hour virtual class daily and given a packet from his teacher. My daughter fell into so weird grey area since she tested negative. The school district said she should be at school since she's vaccinated and tested negative with no symtpoms. School said she couldn't come in until the school district cleared her (which they had to us). We weren't eager to send her in anyway so we didn't fight it. Even though she wasn't allowed at school she couldn't get make up work or an online class because she wasn't sick.

The part we were dreading was that if she didn't get sick she could actually end up with a longer quarantine because she would be classified as needing to quarantine for 10 days after she was in contact with her quarantined Covid + brother (10 days for him and then 10 more days for her). I don't want to say I'm glad she got sick but I'm glad we're facing a 13 day quarantine and not a 20 day quarantine.