My husband has a hard time dealing with my 2 year old's tantrums. My husband is also the preferred. It goes something like this. My son will wake up in the morning and immediately have a tantrum, usually because he has asked for a breakfast item that we are not making that morning. My husband will then proceed to try to get my son to stop crying by asking him questions, and trying to offer him other food, toys, or activities. It just snow balls into my son saying that he wants something and then freaking out when it is given to him. I have told my husband repeatedly, that the way to deal with that kind of behavior is to either sit with our son in his room until he calms down, or to just ignore him and go about making his breakfast. If he eats great, if he doesn't pack up the breakfast and have him eat it in the car before daycare.

I follow my own advice when my son has a tantrum, and it definitely works. I'm a firm believer of consistency. It shortens tantrums for sure, and decreases their frequency. I don't understand why I'm getting so much push back from my husband. It is making things so much worse, and I have definitely noticed and increase in my son's tantrums. I have tried talking about it with him in private. I've tried catching him when I see him giving in by calmly saying " you're the parent, you make the rules". Nothing is getting through to him, and I often get a response "I'm just trying to survive" which makes me even more mad, because it's a cop out for not parenting. I'm at my wits end. At this point, it's easier to parent my son without my husband around. I don't know what to do. Any advice on this? I'm tired of always being the bad guy, but at this point it's like I'm the only one being a parent.