I am feeling so badly about this and I need advice.

So DD is 5.5. She loves, loves, loves Halloween and scary/creepy stuff. I mean I took her to this haunted walk for the past two Halloweens and she just loves it and has no issues after.... (i'll post a pic bc some of the stuff is pretty creepy!! but she loves it and looks back at the pics all the time) And never been scared to sleep in her room alone.

Anyway, two weekends ago she saw "frankenweenie" on the Netflix or hulu list and we watched it. She was fine throughout the movie and even ok for the last week.

Now this past weekend DH put on Harry Potter, I think the first one, it was on in the background this weekend as we did stuff around the house. DD was casually watching it every so often.. and I noticed what looked like a giant troll and also a three headed dog I told DH maybe we should turn it off... but DD didn't say anything.

BUTTTT she's been scarred!!! She was home with her gram yesterday and fell asleep for a nap and when she woke up she was scared and freaked out, screaming and really upset my mom said.

Then last night at bed time she cried and asked why I couldn't sleep with her in her bed all night.. and I tried to explain and then she cried and said she was just sad bc she loved me and wanted me there.. then it came out that she couldn't "control her fear"... and this is when she finally told me she was scared and she mentioned the movies. So yeah, great, we are freakin terrible parents and now my baby is scared to sleep in her room!!!! I had to literally lay with my arm over her and she was grasping it until she fell asleep and then when I got up she woke up within 5 mins frantic that I go back! I ended up sleeping in there until 3 am.. and then she woke up again at 430 asking for me to go back...

We've explained that the cartoon was not real and I think she gets it... but what else can we do??? HELP.. I am so sad we did this!!!

Will it just take time???

She said that she was happy that we could talk about it and come to a plan (which was me putting my arm over her until she fell asleep) but obviously I dont' want this to continue to bother her....

<hangs head in shame at what a crap parent I am regarding this>
ps she loves this scary baby!!