😥 PLEASE HELP, So I’ve been diagnosed with high-risk pregnancy due to not having a thyroid. I was bleeding yesterday it was more red not superheavy but dripped a little. I went to the emergency room they said my cervix is closed but they found a 2.6 hemorrhage on wall. I looked everywhere I don’t even know if that’s a small or medium one. No cramps Some back pain but I’ve have back problems anyway so I don’t know the difference. When I went to the hospital they did the blood test and said my cervix is closed and minimal bleeding. They did a vaginal ultrasound and saw the baby and good heartbeat along with the hemorrhage. I’m home and there are tiny dots of red when I pee. I’m really scared and trying not to stress so I need peace of mind. Has anyone experienced anything like this and has been fine? I have 2 days til I see my ob and really wigging out. PLEASE HELP. 😿