This is mostly just a vent. I have no one to tell this to (other than DH &I just need to talk.)

I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my second. At the end of September I got the thrilling news that my best friend of 14 years was pregnant too! Based on calculations, she was about 6 weeks behind me. About 4 weeks ago she sadly (& tragically) miscarried. Having never experienced this I didn't know what to do. I dropped off some yummy treats & a funny movie at her house for she & her husband. I am doing my best to be there for her without being over bearing or making her feel like she has to talk about it nor that she has to act like everything is okay. I sometimes (once a week tops) text her to say I love her & hope she has a good day at work or that I miss her. She usually just says thanks or you too.

I know social media is not a good gauge of how well someone is doing but I've seen on FB her inviting her BIL & his girlfriend to go on vacation with them & stuff so it's hurting me a little that she isn't talking to me. I understand completely why she wouldn't want to talk to me but other than DH, she's all I have. She's my other half & I'm really missing her. The past week or so I just feel desperately sad because I miss her & am scared this may be a rift we can never cross. Usually when a problem arises, I can generally just bring it up with her & we discuss it & vice versa but that doesn't really seem applicable here, especially because she isn't doing anything wrong. I'm just sad because I really love her and miss her and feel overwhelmingly sad for her.

Thanks for listening.