I'm trying to fill my husbands Stocking this year on a budget. It's a bit of a challenge! Last year I was ordering free things from Vistaprint for the wedding, and got him a free hat and t-shirt to put in, as well as notebooks and pens. But this year, I can't budget for the shipping costs.
I WISH I had thought to keep some of the freebies I got in the mail a secret, then I could have put the deodorant and razor in there at no cost!

Here's the list of ideas so far, and no, I'm not stuck on any of them:
favourite candy- M and m's
$5 Tim Horton's Card
Lottery Ticket
car airfreshener
earplugs (for work)
homemade "coupons"

What do you like to put in your SO's Christmas stocking?