So I know that my C section will be scheduled sometime around my 39th week.
Last night I woke up and suddenly wondered what we do if it’s a weekday. My 3yo has school 9-12 M-F. My mom will be here to stay with him so I’m not worried about childcare. More about logistics - does he still go to school the day of? The day after?
Part of me (most of me) thinks his life should remain status quo but then it also seems weird to have such a huge life-change and remain status quo. Know what I mean?
I guess if he doesn’t go to school what else will he do...he won’t be at the hosptial with me all day at every day. So school makes sense?

And here’s a sub-question because I’m too lazy to start a new thread - if they did go to school the day of or next day, did you send any kind of treat? Like “I’m a big brother!” With cupcakes or lollipops or something. Our school is all for parents bringing treats in for all sorts of things. And I think it might make the day special for him and he’d be proud?