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If you do the majority of the housework at home,

  1. MaryM

    pomelo / 5129 posts

    @avivoca: My DH does the same thing with little seals pieces he's ripped off packages or whatever. I don't understand how they don't see it's weird to not just throw it away if the rest of the room is clean!

  2. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25556 posts

    We both WOH FT. But he does ALL of the outside work. I do most of the indoor work. We don't hire out for anything. He mows, edges, prunes, plants and trims outside. He also vacuums and does dishes inside. I do laundry, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, linens, etc.

    Most of the housework happens on weekends - we spend one day cleaning and doing chores and this and that and that is how we make it work. If he didn't help at all and I was a sahp, I'd be pretty peeved. one person cannot do it all.

  3. JerricaBenton

    pomegranate / 3872 posts

    I SAH, so I do the majority of the housework. I do all the cooking, shopping, cleaning, tidying, laundry. DH is solely responsible for garbage/recycling and he mostly does all the yard work, garage tidying and maintenance like light bulbs and repairs. Most of the time I keep a running list of things that need to be done by him and he either does it or hire someone if he doesn't want to do it (like yard stuff but he's usually on top of that or we've had a discussion about having some landscaping done or something.) Lists work great for us because he feels like he can plan and do stuff as he wants and not feel bombarded after work and I don't have to 'nag' I'm just like 'check your list, buddy.'

  4. lemondrop

    bananas / 9118 posts

    I cook, but whatever is left in the kitchen after is his job. I rarely do dishes. We both hate kitchen stuff, so we negotiated out our lesser kitchen evils. We go out to eat on my big work days or when I have a full day of household projects.

    He takes care of the lawn and most yard maintenance, gasses up the cars, takes out garbage and recycling, splits bedtimes with me (and really does more since I work many nights), does toy cleanup, folds and sorts laundry- I just catch him while he's watching a game on tv and toss a pile on the coffee table in front of him.

    He gets a To Do list so I don't get any rogue changes made to the house or storage areas when he feels the need to get things done.

    Ultimately, if I'm feeling overwhelmed I just have to ask for help. None of it is easy for either of us, we both work hard and are tired. Our house certainly isn't immaculate, ever, but we are comfortable with our division of labor.


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