Do you? Why or why not? How old are your kids?

I have a 3yo and 5mo and have been staying home the last 2 years. I worked after my first was born but stopped working when my husband took a job cross country. We moved back but I was then 20 weeks pregnant so it wasn't worth it for me to try to go back to work then. We don't know if we are done having kids...but I'm trying to decide if/when I should go back to work.

I'm a lawyer and had a stressful career before I stopped working...I definitely don't want to return to that and it would be difficult to do so since my husband works ridiculous hours. I'm thinking of something part time but still using my law degree. So many pros....extra money, resuming my career, having something in my life NOT related to kids. husband works like 80 hours a week including weekends and it's not flexible at all. I do most everything around the house as a SAHM and we'd have to hire more help to deal with stuff at home plus more childcare.

Just thought it would be nice to discuss with other parents.