When did your fertility return? We've been TTC for 3+ cycles now. IUD was out when LO was 16 mo and weaned at about 18.5 mo. The first cycle TTC though LO was only BFing 2x/day, and down to 1x/day the second cycle. My first cycle after my IUD was out was 38 days, I figured it was long due to getting back on track after the IUD. Next cycle was 31 days (normally 30-31) and figured we just had bad luck since our timing seemed good. This cycle (fully weaned LO on CD1) is going on 36 days now with tons of BFN and driving me batty. I had all the ovulation signs (without charting) on time but now it's a whole lot of nothing. It did take a couple weeks for me to dry up from BF (I was an overproducer and apparently the girls were sad to give it up!) and also was really sick at the beginning of my cycle. But I wasn't expecting my period to go AWOL when last month was so normal and I had only been nursing LO once per day. I never had long cycles before LO!

My plan was to do OPKs next cycle to see if my timing is off or I'm not actually ovulating, but now I'm just worried I haven't gotten my period at all and it's getting later and later. I've made peace with not getting pregnant this month but desperately want to move on!! Any stories or words of wisdom?