Do you usually take LO to see them or do they come to see you?
If you do both, how often do you take them over and how often do the grandparents come to your place?

My mom (with whom I have a strained relationship) only lives 5 miles away from me by highway. She is a nervous driver so taking local takes longer.

That being said, she still prefers me to bring my kids to her place, knowing that I have many things to bring with me to make the stay a bit easier (carseat, snacks, diaper bag, a toy or two for older DS, Ergo, possibly the travel crib if we stay longer than 2 hours) and can never "commit" to a definite time bc young DS doesn't wake up or nap on command.

I'm wondering if I am being unreasonable for wanting my mom to come to my house more. She complains that "I never have any food to eat" but the thing is, she has many self imposed and non self imposed dietary restrictions that make eating anywhere other than her own house very difficult (doesn't eat citrus, no beef or pork, no tomato products, no spices, no butter or too many fats, no white bread/rice), does not like to order out ANY kind of food and if we do, she eats it grudgingly.

So far, we just don't see each other very much and don't talk that much either. What would be somewhat of a reasonable schedule - I bring kids to her vs her coming to see my kids?