I have been missing my dad since he passed last year, and am shocked at how quickly my memories of him are slipping away. I remember how his six o'clock shadow felt on my cheek when I would give him a hug after work. But he had such a distinctive scent and I can't even describe it - and I can barely conjure up the sound of his voice anymore.

The funny thing is, sometimes I do hear him... through me. The other day I was laughing at something and it turned into a wheeze of sorts (I was recovering from a cold), and I realized that it's exactly how my dad used to laugh. He would hold his laughs in until they turned into this wheezing laughter, while his eyes would twinkle from the joy of his little joke to himself. I went from laughing to almost crying in that moment, but mostly was just grateful to hear my dad again.

I keep thinking that eventually, I'm bound to dream about him and I can hear his voice then. I mean, that's a thing right - where people who have passed visit you in their dreams. But it hasn't happened yet, and so I was wondering: if your parents have passed, do they ever come to you in your dreams?