We have two cats, one grew up with the girls and the other one is 5 years old so she was never around kids. When we first had the girls she would hide and just not come around until they were in bed. Now she will tolerate being in the same room, but if the girls get too close she will growl and hiss, but never bite...just sort of expressing her fear of them. I am constantly having to tell the girls not to get too close because it scares the cat, but they don't listen and they always try and pet her. On the flip side the cat doesn't ever run away, she just lays there. I want the kids to understand the cats boundaries but I also want the girls to be able to sit on the couch without the cat hissing and growling (cat lays on the back of the couch most of the time)...any ideas how to get the girls to understand the cats boundaries because telling them to back off is getting pretty old, it's a good 15 times a day thing!