Our 6 month IFSP review is coming up on Monday and I'm wondering about how they're handling this. Although I knew the meeting was coming up, we never received our formal notice of the upcoming meeting in the mail. Not the hugest deal to me but I know you're supposed to get that.

What's more important is that we had a PT eval and I was told nothing except our service coordinator mentioned last week that the evaluator recommends services. Since she wouldn't tell me more, it seems like she plans to just show up on Monday and have me sign paperwork approving whatever they tell me to. This isn't okay with me - shouldn't they give me more information beforehand so we can go into the meeting knowing our options? And if LO is receiving other services should there have been any discussion of what will be brought up at the review in terms of his goals or change in services so it won't be a surprise? Or is that how they always do it?