Today is my last day at work for the Christmas holidays. I wasn't in yesterday and came in this morning to my desk piled high with a bunch of my stuff that had been rifled through and placed on my desk in a way to say "please look through this". Most of the stuff I had already dealt with, some of the stuff I had questions about but we've been extremely busy and they got put aside, one thing had been forgotten about.

To say that I've had a shitty couple of months would be an understatement. To start, L has been sick non-stop since September. Seriously, I could count on one had the number of days he's felt well. Then, I have been incredibly ill since the end of October. Missing work, in and out of clinics/hospitals. Lastly, my dad is dying (hopefully he won't, but it's currently a work in progress). I haven't been able to visit him AT ALL because L and I have been so sick. I'm close to tears every single day.

I have been doing my best to get the basics done at work. My boss is very aware of everything going on in my life right now. The last thing I expected was to come into work today to a bunch of nasty notes asking me to look over all this shit that is, truthfully, unimportant. So much for a little compassion before the holiday season (one where I won't get to spend any time with my parents.).

There is no point to this except a vent. This is the first I've gotten to sit at my desk all morning because there was some dude from maintenance in here messing about under my desk with some pipes and I've spent the majority of the morning crying in the bathroom.