There's been a lot of narrative floating around for national adoption month, much of it under #flipthescript which shares perspectives from adult adoptees.

I found this article particularly compelling:

When choosing adoption, it was important to us that our son would grow up in a diverse community, which with living in Queens, New York, we have definitely achieved. We live closely to two different "korea towns" and we have access to korean culture events and are already scheduled to attend a korean culture camp next summer. In court, in Seoul, we were only asked a couple questions, but one of them was if we see Koreans on a regular basis, and if Nugget will be able to interact and be friends with other Koreans.

We've heard from other families that their communities are far from diverse...but they don't seem concerned. I'm certainly not trying to start a race debate, just interested on people's perspectives. Is it important for an interracial adoptive family to have exposure to their adopted child's culture and race?