Has anyone had a problem with dilating during labor?

I was induced at 40w4d and I ended up with contractions every 2 minutes, but I never dilated at all. They also had to keep turning the Pitocin off because it was affecting our little guy - he was having problems breathing. After a day and a half, my doctor did a c-section.

I'm asking because we're planning on TTC'ing in January, and my doctor has told me he is recommending a c-section with my future pregnancies. He had said this kind of issue tends to repeat itself and it would save a lot of frustration to just do a planned c-section. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem and when on to have a vaginal delivery.

We are a little concerned with cost on this one. With my insurance at the time, everything was paid off. With what I have now, I would have to pay 80% of hospital bill and I can imagine a c-section is quite a bit more expensive.