40+6 today and induction scheduled for "sometime" tonight! Woohoo! The hospital calls when they have a bed and nurse available. Planning on taking it easy all day today and sleeping as much as possible. I'm curious about two things and hoping the bee can help me out

1) How long was your induction, from arrival at the hospital to delivery? Please include in your reply if this was your 1st/2nd/3rd birth, how dilated/effaced you were to start, and what methods of induction were used.

2) If you were an "elective" induction, how did scheduling work out for you? Were they able to take you on time, a few hours late, several hours late, or were you delayed by a full day? (This is a poll). My doctor said I would be "top priority" because I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow, but to keep in mind that active labor patients could "bump" me.