This is my 3rd. We have the old ergo and the infant insert. Ergo was used for both my kids a lot when they were bigger. The actual infant insert, not so much. It always felt awkward to me. I’ll probably still use the ergo once she is big enough.

For this one, I’m looking for infant carrier with the following :

1. Not complicated or hard to use. I’m terrible at anything that has to wrap several times or having certain ties, etc.
I will have a very active two year old boy to chase after so I would have to put it on myself and it shouldn’t take more than couple of minutes.

2. I have a bad back so it has to be back friendly.
3. I’m short but big. So it can’t look like I’m swimming in it.

I’m intrigued by Nesting Days bc it looks so easy to put on. Anyone that was similar to me would like to share?