I've been looking into this concept lately of swim lessons for infants. The idea is just to teach them survival techniques to turn over, float, and get to the side of the pool/bathtub/pond if an accident were to happen and they fell into water.

I've watched a lot of videos and read about it, and it sounds like a great way to prevent infant and toddler drowning deaths, but I'm concerned about one thing.

This does NOT seem fun for many of the babies, which is ok, because this is about survival, not fun. But I'm just concerned that if I take a baby to a class like this they will feel that I'm torturing them and not understand why I'm putting them through this. I realize they likely won't remember this when they're older, but I'm concerned about mentally scaring them or creating a fear of water...

What do you think? Have any of you tried this technique with your babies and what were your results? Especially if your child is older now, did it make them more or less confident around water as an older child?