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  1. MrsFarmer

    coffee bean / 38 posts

    I guess I never properly introduced myself yet, so here goes: I'm Melissa or MsFarmer on WB. Hubby and I were married in June of this year and have been TTC since then. He's 29 and I'm 25.

    I didn't realize so many of the Bees were on here until I started reading through this thread!

  2. shellio

    pear / 1614 posts

    Hi! I'm shelliduke on weddingbee. Different avatar, I have a gerbera daisy over there but there are a few others who also use a gerbera so I decided to branch out. I'm 33 and DH is 35, we've been married just over 2 years and are expecting baby #1, a boy, in December!

  3. AmeliaBedelia

    cherry / 235 posts

    Ha, didn't remember to do this yet! I'm AmeliaBedelia on WeddingBee too.

    I'm Amelia, NTNT right now with FI - just had a LAP for Endo/PCOS and we're trying to figure out when we'll "officially" start TTC after the wedding in March.

  4. Mrs. Grape

    pea / 13 posts

    I'm Mrs Grape on WeddingBee, and it's good to see some familiar faces! I'm 22 and DH is 23. Our first anniversary is coming up next month--yay!

    We've decided to adopt instead of going through fertility treatments and whatnot to have biological children (I have endometriosis). More on that later.

  5. Giraffe

    apricot / 274 posts

    Hi! I'm Trina. My husband and I got married in July and have been TTC ever since. I'm currently in early pregnancy after a miscarriage at seven weeks in September. My symptoms are much stronger this time around, so I'm cautiously hoping that's a good sign. I'm so happy I found this site!

  6. s2kheartmustang

    coffee bean / 26 posts

    Hi, I'm Nick aka Squeak35 on WB.
    Currently waiting for RE to give approval to begin out TTC journey. Since I'm considered to be a member of the advance maternal age team, 2012 is definitely our year. Super Excited and can't wait to be a Mum.

  7. Mrs. Oatmeal

    blogger / honeydew / 7081 posts

    I could've sworn I already introduced myself...but it looks like I haven't.
    I'm Alley, aka redsmarties here and on Weddingbee.
    Been married to my wonderful husband for 1.5 years, and we've been TTC since February 2011...I'm halfway through cycle 10.
    Love learning new things through everyone else's experiences...I'm picking up even more tips to add to my already stocked arsenal of TTC weaponry. We'll see how it goes!

  8. yrret107

    pea / 16 posts

    Hello all. We have been TTC for the past 2 months. I'm 28. Oh, I'm on WB, too.

  9. Crisark

    pomegranate / 3398 posts

    I did my introduction 2 months ago but at the time I wasn't sure this site would be good for me cause of our TTC status.
    But, we have a plan now that we are married and I'm so happy to be on this site!!
    I am 29, DH is 28. I was CRISARK on weddingbee too but after some issues I have since closed that account. I am excited to see so many familiar names here though, makes withdrawal from leaving that site easier !!!!!
    We plan to TTC with DR approval next year.

  10. sulli301

    pear / 1764 posts

    Hi everyone
    It took be a bit to make my way over here, but I'm sulli301 on WB too. I wish hellobee would have been around during my pregnancy! But it will be such a wonderful thing to have now that we are raising a 7.5 month old daughter and not trying but not not trying hopefully we will begin trying within a few months for baby #2. I am 24, my DH is 25 & we've been married for 1.5 years.
    See you all around!! I love the mix of new bees & WB faces

  11. polkadots

    persimmon / 1150 posts

    hi everyone! I'm lovelife - SAHM to a 12 week old baby girl! Not to many mamas I know around my area so this is a great site for advice for a first time mama!

  12. MK0180

    kiwi / 545 posts

    Hello! Glad to see this thread. I will be 32 in January and DH will be 32 next week! We were married in September. I've been a longtime lurker on WB (random posts here and there) from planning our wedding to the onslaught of TTC. We've been NTNT/TTC since Sept.

  13. MrsBrewer

    coconut / 8854 posts

    Hi there! I'm MrsBrewer, I was on WB during the wedding stuff, but now that we are married I am over here! We are not TTC yet, and it's not even on our radar! We just adopted 2 beautiful little kittens though so those are our "babies" now. I love to read and learn about pregnancy and parenting though, so I really enjoy this forum!

  14. sunshine44

    cherry / 173 posts

    Hi everyone! I'm Priya, 30. The hubby and I have been married for over 6 years and finally made the decision last year to start a family! So happy we did, as I love my little girl more than anything! She's 4 months old, and we'll definitely wait a few years before having another one. Not great with keeping up with boards, but I'm going to try my best with this one!

  15. policewife10811

    coffee bean / 33 posts

    Hii! I'm Molly... Originally started out on WB, but now that we're married decided to make the move over. We're just starting TTC. We've been NTNT since our wedding in October.

  16. MrsH

    honeydew / 7667 posts

    Hi, Mrs. H here. We'll start TTC in August!


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