This may be completely not doable but I need advice from this knowledgable community!

DS is a 7 yo boy and we are not Star Wars fans. To be honest I don't think I ever finished a whole film without walking away or falling asleep . DH attempted to introduce DS to the basic Star Wars world by inviting him to watch Star Wars with him, which DS always declined claiming "it is too scary". So in a way, he missed out on quite a lot of references for the past few years. For example, he first learned what a Jedi means / is when he went to a classmate's Jedi training birthday party 2 years ago.

No big deal right? But I'd hate it if he continue to miss things out as this is a big part of the US pop culture. He used to love LEGOs a lot, recently it died down a little, so I want to sign him up on a LEGO summer camp for a week to hopefully bring back up the interest. Our school offers a Star Wars LEGO camp which he didn't want to go because of, well, Star Wars.

I am thinking, can I even contemplate introducing him to Star Wars through reading? We have just started reading Harry Potter in November (I read to him at bedtime -- the real chapter books with no pictures, not the illustrated versions or comics), and it was a major success! We finished reading the first book a few weeks ago, watched the first movie, and DS insisted to start with the 2nd one. If I were to introduce him to Harry Potter via the movies he definitely would not have been interested. So I started looking up Star Wars books. Apparently the film is not based on books, and I read that it was ghost-written by Alan Dean Foster after the movies were in production. Did any of you ever read the Star Wars book and if so, was it even friendly to 7 yo kids? If this is a doable concept, where would you recommend me to start to introduce the most basic interest of Star Wars to DS? Which chapter book should I start with? (is that even how it works?)

Thank you so much in advance!