Hey there! First post ever!!
And there is a bit of tmi as well..

For starters I always start on the 22 of each month. I'm not sure when my ovulation occurs but I'm guessing we had sex when it was happening.
It was either the 7 or 10 of July me and my bf had sex. We didn't use a condom until he was "about ready". I am not on any bc.
Well my period was 6 days late and when I did start (on the 28 of July) it was light for me which is three days when im usually on it for 6/7 days (a tampon a day, no clots except on first wipe on the 28 which was the size of a sun flower seed seed). I took a test on the 22,24 and on Sunday. All I got was bfn
I've been having some light cramping, random pangs of pain in my breasts, a stuffy nose here and there, nausea that comes in waves, and diarrhea one minute constipated the next. And I'm gassy but mostly at night (which is odd for me).
Do you think I've been testing too soon?