In the past, my kids wore fleece jackets in the car and then I would carry their winter coat into daycare to leave on a hook (for playground time) and bring their fleece jackets back to the car with me. At the end of the day, I'd walk in with their fleece jackets in hand and put them on for the car ride home.

With covid rules, I'm not walking into daycare anymore...I'd like them to wear their winter coat in the car then straight into the building. Honestly - we'd have hit this point next year anyway with kindergarten.....

I guess I'm just intimidating with finding a winter coat that will be great for playing in NJ snowy winters and also carseat safe.

Has anyone bought the lands end jackets: before and been comfortable having your child wear it in the carseat?

I don't want to buy one of those intense car seat specific jackets....I'd really like a normal jacket that is car seat safe.