Lately I've been feeling down and getting a lot of comments that refer to me "just being a mom".

Perfect example: I'm still in school, finishing up my degree, and decided to take a writing class just to fill in space. I really enjoy painting and wanted to pick up another area of "arts". Long story short, I wrote a story about a mother and daughter and was it was not "compelling" and not a piece "worthy of her time". However, my other piece that had nothing to do with children was high drama and did not carry the "tender, domestic" tone of my other story. And was told to NOT write "tender, domestic" stories. "DOMESTIC" really bothers me.

Maybe my pregnancy hormones are getting the best of me but I feel like I am a lot more than just a mom. I work full time, go to school, am a wife and mom.

AND if I was a stay-at-home-mom, that's EVEN more work at times!! I really just wanted to write this post to say ALL of us are not just moms, we're fucking rockstars!

That is all