Someone mentioned at church how they needed to push for re-evaluation for their child to get her the speech therapy she needed. And I just felt my heart sink into my feet.

When he aged out of early intervention and they said he didn't qualify for the speech preschool, I was relieved and didn't push further. But now I'm looking at my 3.5 DS who has no pronouns, doesn't use complete sentences, is missing several consonants, and is really hard to understand for even those who know him well and I wonder if I should have pushed harder. I'm going to call next week and schedule a time to get him in.

In the meantime, I just feel like a crap mom who lets things totally slip through the cracks. My daughter is almost 18 months and I've totally spaced on her 15 month doctor appt!

It is moments like this that really make me doubt that I'm doing the right thing for my kids by WOH. I don't really have any questions, just needed to get this out there.