My big kids are 6 and 3.5 and currently each have LeapPad's, which have made our 7 hour bi-monthly trips to my in-laws bearable for the past few years that we have had them! Now that they are getting older though they get bored with the content on the LeapPad's quicker, and it gets expensive to download new shows or buy new games. I'm looking into getting them Kids Kindle Fire's for our next trip - but I can't seem to find conclusively if you CAN use Freetime content without wifi.

If you have a Kid's Kindle and Freetime Unlimited, would you recommend it? Can you use it with absolutely NO wifi connection aka in the car? Is it frustrating to the kids that only some things work offline? I've read conflicting reports that say only the available offline content will show up and others say the whole library shows up but just doesn't work when you are offline. Do you have to log on the night before your trip and download whatever content you want them to use offline? (I do this now anyway with their LeapPad's.) Thanks in advance!