I feel pretty silly saying this, but I can't seem to teach my oldest to wash her hair properly on her own! She just turned 9 so definitely old enough. She's always been kind of a hormonal kid - needed deodorant early, hair gets greasy pretty easily, etc - and I assume it'll get worse. She has a lot of fine hair so easy to look greasy too.

She gets the front washed ok thankfully, but just looking at her hair this morning (after a shower last evening) and the back looks greasy. I help her do it every now and then to fight this but I know she doesn't want help.

What tips can I give her? So far I've suggested getting it really wet, working up a lather in the front and working that to the back, taking a lot of time, making sure everything feels soapy.

Maybe there is some trick of how to explain?? Any help appreciated!