Hi Bees! I posted a few months ago that my husband and I were going to start TTC. I was MIA for a while but am now back and excited to be a part of this wonderful community.

This month was our first full month of TTC instead of just NTNP. My period was due on Valentine's Day. (My last AF began on January 17th) It did not come on Vday so I took a pregnancy test on Saturday with FMU and it was a BFN.

Fast forward to today and still no sign of AF. Here's the kicker my DH wants me to wait another week before taking another test!! I can always buy more but currently I only have 1 off brand test left.

He feels that I should wait longer and see if AF comes this week.

I tried telling him that a test should pick up if I was Pregnant or not by now.

So the question is to test tomorrow or not?!?

Thanks for reading!