I've long been toying with the idea of cloth diapering, though never exclusively. Being on Hellobee definitely encourages me more to CD, but honestly IRL I know most of our friends and family would not be for it or supportive of it. I only know 1 person who CD and I honestly thought she was being "extreme" eco-conscious when she would tell me all her rules and process of CD'ing. Now that I'm a bit more educated about the topic and feel comfortable trying to do both disposables and CD's according to our own comfort and ability.

As I posted yesterday, I bought 2 adorable ruffle CD's. I then stayed up late into the night reading back on old blog posts and threads on CD and feel more confident in trying out CD'ing when LO arrives. I'm hoping to try it out and CD when we are at home and overnight. I've registered for a couple of BumGenius 4.0s and BumGenius Freetimes to start with. I don't want to get a whole bunch in case it doesn't work out. Do you think 6 CDs would be a good amount to start with?

And I know it's a totally personal choice and different for each LO, but between the 2 styles: 4.0 & Freetime, which is YOUR personal fave to use & why?

P.S. I was researching SO much about this topic last night I was LITERALLY DREAMING about all the different cloth diapers and it was raining cloth diapers all around me! LOL!